Why I Started

I was inspired to start this site mainly because I do not want newbies to go through the same mistakes as me and to waste so much of their early years training so hard for almost nothing. I used to be that newbie. Back then, I trained hard, with little proper guidance from the experienced people and I ended up gaining nothing much in that three hard years of working out.

Until three months before I started this, I met a 40 year old man who is experienced in bodybuilding. This 40 year old trainer is willing to guide me and teach me the tips and techniques in bodybuilding. For the past three months training with him, I finally understood the phrase “No Pain, No Gain”. It was a new experience for me and results were not bad considering the fact that I am a hard-gainer aka ectomorph, training under a low budget and all natural (basic supplements like protein).

The tips, techniques and the varying daily workout routines are what I am going to share to you in this site. Hope you will benefit from it!


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